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Faculty of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences

Faculty of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences

Buildings and Space


Buildings, Safety and Space (BSS) supports the teaching and research activities of the Faculty's staff and students by providing a safe, clean, comfortable work environment.

  1. Building and service requests
  2. Office space allocation
  3. Office furnishing

Building and service requests

BSS provide maintenance and operational services that support the Faculty, staff and students across multiple sites. All maintenance requests and fault reporting should be made to the BSS team.

To report an issue or request service, please email the BSS service desk and provide details of the job, such as the nature of the fault or request, and the specific location including building name, floor and room if applicable.

Under no circumstances should service requests should be made directly to UWA Facilities Management. Requests to FM will be made by the BSS Team, on behalf of the service requestor if required.

The BSS service desk can be contacted via bss-ecm@uwa.edu.au.

Additionally, BSS are required to coordinate all general building works, including office improvements such as re-painting, replacement of floor coverings, and replacement of other fixtures. Anyone seeking to perform works to any of the Faculty assigned facilities must liaise with BSS before attempting any works.

Office space allocation

Allocation of office space is often a complex issue and as such BSS manage the allocation of space to specific uses and staff. Due to high a high number of requests for limited office space is it important that you inform the BSS team as soon as possible.

To submit a request for office space or a change in your allocated space, email: space-ecm@uwa.edu.au.

Office furnishing

The Faculty is committed to providing standard office furnishings to an acceptable standard for all staff. Specific furniture above this standard, or for specialist requirements, such as outfitting research labs or facilities must be funded by the requesting group. All office furniture should be procured by the BSS team to ensure it is completed in a strategic manner and adheres to Faculty requirements. Any persons looking to purchase additional furnishings or to have furniture centrally provisioned or replaced should contact the BSS team via the service desk.

The BSS service desk can be contacted via bss-ecm@uwa.edu.au.

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