Offshore Facilities and Ocean Systems

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Offshore Facilities and Ocean Systems (OFOS) delivers solutions for the safe and sustainable development of resources for energy, minerals and food production in the ocean environment. 

OFOS is a multidisciplinary group, with expertise in metocean dynamics and ocean forecasting, offshore geotechnical engineering, offshore fixed and floating structural engineering, hydrodynamics and structure interaction, gas processing, and asset management. The group has capabilities in offshore oil and gas, floating liquefied natural gas (FLNG), offshore and coastal renewable energy, offshore mining, marine aquaculture and ocean management. This enables a unified and comprehensive approach to offshore ocean facilities, ranging from core understanding of regional ocean dynamics and forcing, to structural and system design, to operation, to maintenance, and to de-commissioning and closure.

Problems that we solve

  • Safe and sustainable design of offshore ocean facilities, including fixed and floating structures for oil and gas and renewable energy, pipeline and seabed infrastructure, and FLNG.
  • Flow assurance and gas processing associated with diverse LNG operations.
  • Ocean forecasting, operational and environmental management.
  • Design and management of facilities associated with offshore mining and offshore aquaculture.