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Faculty of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences

Faculty of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences

Simon Chan

Simon Chan

Software Engineering

Chief Engineer, Radlink Communications

My engineering degree continues to play a big part in my daily project work. 

After ruling out medicine due to my innate fear of blood, I pursued engineering, specifically electronics and software. To this day, I am thankful to lecturers and tutors who set me on a good path over my 4 years at UWA – especially people like Dr Duncan Stevens, Dr Edmund Lai and Professor Yianni Attikiouzel.

I graduated at a time when there were very few research and development opportunities open to young engineers. So I worked at UWA for two years after graduating, setting the trajectory in my career towards pursuing the impossible!

Most recently, I was head-hunted by the Managing Director of Radlink Communications who offered me the opportunity to start up a new division in his company. I was thrilled – especially as I knew it was going to involve a large amount of cutting-edge Research and Development.

My engineering degree continues to play a big part in my daily project work, especially the focus on systematic mathematical / physical modelling and analysis. I look for opportunities to apply cross-discipline thinking to real world problems.

I am now working on an exciting series of projects relating to energy harvesting, storage, conversion, distribution and management. We are working on a whole new paradigm in energy usage. The excitement of being at the forefront of technology creation keeps me awake at night (for all the good reasons) and I love going to work every morning!

For my 31 years in the industry, I have been fortunate to receive various awards in recognition of my contribution to the Information and Communications Technology industry both here in WA and nationally.

Let your strengths and interests direct your career development. In my case, what excites and thrills me is challenging technical work. Solving real-world technical problems is what drives me.  UWA runs a fantastic Career Mentoring programme called CML - I recommend it to anyone approaching graduation!