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Faculty of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences

Faculty of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences

Rachel Thomas


Rachel Thomas

Master of Science (Pure Mathematics)

News Editor, Plus (Millenium Mathematics Project)

Despite the job title, I did get to use maths a lot in my first job as an information analyst at Data Analysis Australia.

I worked on projects ranging from forecasting future courtroom requirements, to monitoring road traffic performance. I particularly enjoyed the experience of surprising clients with how useful mathematics could be in solving their problems.

Now I work in the UK as the news editor of an online magazine Plus, part of the Millennium Mathematics Project. One of the highlights is that I get to work not only with mathematicians, but also with people from fields as diverse as chemistry and audio engineering.

For me, the greatest things my mathematics degree gave me was the ability to learn, and the courage to learn anything.

I'm not sure what my next job title will be, but I know the mathematician in me will still be hard at work!

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