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Faculty of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences

Faculty of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences

Louise Flux

Louise Flux

Chemical Engineering

Drilling and Measurements Field Engineer, Schlumberger

After graduating in Chemical Engineering at UWA I have had the opportunity to work across the globe as a Drilling and Measurements Field Engineer for Schlumberger.

In my first year as a Field Engineer I have been put in many challenging situations and responsible for managing a crew in the field. Working for a company that encourages their graduates to take on responsibility has helped accelerate my growth along with increasing my confidence as an engineer.

Working on the rigs has been an exciting career path with great exposure to the entire drilling process. Additionally, being far away from town you are responsible for troubleshooting and developing solutions on the rig. There is no doubt that my undergraduate degree from UWA has helped me prepare for my professional career.  My degree provided a solid foundation of skills and knowledge that I could grow on and apply practically.

Graduating in Chemical Engineering has given me a vast range of opportunities in which I can develop my professional career. So far, in the oil and gas industry I have been able to work in such locations as Brazil, United Arab Emirates, Venezuela and Trinidad and Tobago. Whilst working in a variety of locations I have gained exposure to a range of drilling conditions across different fields as well as improved my ability to adapt to numerous environments and situations.

The undergraduate degree I received has given me a variety options and the ability to travel and work around the world. There are many opportunities and a diverse range of roles I can take with a Chemical Engineering degree and I can’t wait to see where it will take me next.   

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