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Faculty of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences

Faculty of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences

Jaxon Evans


MPE Mining

I’ve come to love mining engineering because it differs to other disciplines, in that it requires an abstract or ‘outside of the box’ problem solving processes. Coupled with this, the industry provides the opportunity to work on projects that are truly massive, from around the globe. 

Approaching the end of high school, I was always inclined to choose UWA because of the strong reputation it had here in Western Australia. With the new engineering course structure (3 year bachelor's degree & 2 year MPE) I had the opportunity to study the broader based undergrad, before honing in on a major in mining engineering in the MPE. This flexible pathway even allows students to study a bachelor’s degree in a different discipline (e.g. commerce or arts) whilst completing a second major in engineering before progressing to the MPE.

While studying at UWA, I found that exposure to extracurricular activities and career events provided the best opportunities to secure vacation and graduate roles. This has included joining university clubs and/or committees, charitable organisations, attending workshops, company presentations or networking events and having a crack at company supported university competitions.

Complimenting my interest in the minerals industry, I am currently president of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (AusIMM) UWA Student Chapter. If you're seeking a career in the minerals industry, I strongly encourage you to become members of the AusIMM. They provide leadership, career opportunities, valuable networks and a wealth of other opportunities to their member base and are incredibly supportive of their student members.