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Faculty of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences

Faculty of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences

Patrick Hew


Patrick Kew

BSc Hons (Mathematics)
PhD (Mathematics and Intelligent Information Processing Systems)

Defence Science and Technology Organisation

I work with the Defence Science and Technology Organisation, in a team that advises on defence for Australia's future security strategy.

Strategic thinking is a multi-discipline field, and I've moved as interest has taken me.

Thus, from mathematics and information science I moved into military operations and software support systems, and from an original intent of becoming an astronaut, I've found a knack for thinking about the implications of future technology.

Science matches the way I think, and provides a useful perspective on the problems. It's all about asking questions and finding answers.

And when a twenty-year military professional respectfully addresses me as "Dr", from my capacity to analyse and advise ... the feeling is profound.

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