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Faculty of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences

Faculty of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences

Damien Flynn

Damien Flynn

Civil Engineering

President and Managing Director, Gatesafe

A UWA Engineering degree was an excellent course for determining how to approach and solve very complex problems. This has been applicable to every role I have had in my career.

An engineering degree demands understanding of a wide range of disciplines (from theoretical maths, to chemistry, to mechanics).  The ability to be working across varied disciplines has been very valuable in my career – being able to stitch together understanding of a wide range of issues is where creative ideas come from.

I’ve worked in mergers and acquisitions for a building materials company, managed cost reduction on a diamond mine, led continuous improvement in a steel company and led the corporate strategy function of an automotive parts company. I’ve worked in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and throughout the United States.

Engineering at UWA provided me with many of the tools to identify how to tackle problems and mobilize people to work as a team.

I've worked for gategroup, an independent global provider of products, services and solutions related to an airline passenger’s onboard experience. Their extensive range of offerings ensures a comfortable experience for 300+ million people on the move each year. I was responsible for sales and customer service, development and execution of commercial strategy, culinary excellence and the coordination of all commercial relationships for the group in North America.

Damien is now President and Managing Director at Gatesafe, which provides security solutions including catering inspection, cargo screening, aircraft security and access control at more than 35 airports across the United States. 

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