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Faculty of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences

Faculty of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences

Cathy Edwards


Cathy Edwards

Bachelor of Computer and Mathematical Science
Diploma in Arts

Senior Product Manager, Friendster

I started at UWA knowing that I wanted to do a major in pure maths, and probably one in computer science, but I had many other interests and didn’t want to lock myself into study in only one department.

I chose the Bachelor of Computer and Mathematical Sciences because it allowed me the flexibility to essentially create my own multi-disciplinary degree. As well as my core studies in maths and CS, I took courses in cognitive science, philosophy, women’s studies and linguistics, which really broadened my skill set. I enjoyed the linguistics unit so much that I ended up studying for a major sequence by adding a Diploma in Arts to my BCM.

My combined interest in CS and linguistics lead me into the world of telecommunications. I worked at Telstra for four years in a variety of research and innovation roles before moving to the US. I’m now working in Silicon Valley as a senior product manager for Friendster. We’re very focused on South East Asia, where people are doing really advanced things with mobile phones, so I get to work on the cutting edge of mobile product development.

My advice to new science students who want to get into the high tech start-up industry is to get your hands dirty and start building things while you’re still at university. You’ll learn much more when you’re solving real world problems, and employers will be impressed with your initiative and creativity.

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