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Faculty of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences

Adrian Han

Adrian Han

BEng (Mech) / BComm (Management and Human Resource Management)

Graduate Engineer, Monadelphous Engineering Associates, Western Australia

Right from the beginning, I intended to study engineering and commerce at UWA.

I decided definitively to major in mechanical engineering, management and human resource management after experiencing aspects from a variety of disciplines in my first year, which also included financial accounting, electrical and civil engineering.

The fact that the UWA double degree curriculum encompasses a variety of disciplines to aid new students decide which fields they would like to move in to was a positive and helpful factor in choosing my field of study and career.

Since graduation in June 2008, I have continued on with Monadelphous Engineering Associates, the organisation with which I completed my vacation employment and continued with part-time undergraduate employment.

As a project engineer, I have been primarily focused on fabrication work for an on-shore gas plant situated in the Northern Territory, encompassing resolving technical issues, communicating and working with site staff, sub-contractors and the project’s client, and tracking and driving forward project progress.

My fondest memories from my time at UWA are the great functions across the large range of social clubs. I made lots of friends from many different social backgrounds and areas of study, as well as simply hanging out with mates before, during, and after classes.

My advice to anyone taking up a degree in engineering and/or commerce at UWA would be that it is certainly a challenging and rewarding experience that teaches and prepares you for what the wider world has to offer, both professionally and socially. Graduates from UWA in such disciplines certainly place themselves in a great position for life, and create a valuable foundation to launch their careers.

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