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Girls in Engineering

Girls in Engineering


Girls in Engineering (GiE) is a program delivered by The University of Western Australia (UWA) with support from Rio Tinto. The program aims to engage secondary school girls in the world of science and engineering and to inspire girls to consider engineering as a career path.

Less than 12% of the engineering workforce is composed of women. This gender imbalance means the industry is significantly underutilising of a key part of the workforce which is detrimental to economic productivity and growth.


The program is focused primarily on providing outreach activities and resources to Years 7 – 10 with the aim of:

  • Engaging the students through hands-on activities, during school visits, which showcase the opportunities a career in engineering can offer
  • Providing the students and teachers the opportunity to participate in an on- campus Girls in Engineering workshop
  • Linking students with female industry engineers and university engineering students to provide mentorship
  • Updating teachers and students on additional opportunities and events of interest

Key achievements

  • 11 Partner Schools
  • 30 in-school workshops
  • 1172 students engaged in GiE workshops and events
  • 922 students engaged during in-school workshops
  • 250 girls participated in on-campus activities
  • 15 industry professional presentations delivered
  • 67% of students did not know what engineers did before participating in our workshops
  • 94% students reported that the workshop taught them a lot about engieering
  • 51% of students were inspired to become an engineer after participating in one of our workshops
  • 33 UWA engineering students have helped engage in high school students during GiE workshops and events
  • 32 industry professionals have helped engage high school students during GiE workshops and events

Volunteering for Girls in Engineering

Student Ambassadors are one of Girls in Engineering’s greatest assets.

Ambassadors are able to closely relate to high school students and share their experiences of their journey to becoming engineers. By providing a role model, Ambassadors help students to see that they too can become an engineer.
Do you have an interest in inspiring high school students to consider a career in engineering?

Become a Girls in Engineering Student Ambassador and show high school students that engineers come in all shapes and sizes.

What you’ll do as an Ambassador

  • Participate in Girls in Engineering events and activities, including visits to our partner schools and on campus events.
  • Encourage high school students by sharing your journey to becoming an engineer.
  • Inspire high school students to consider a career in engineering.
  • Have lots of fun!

What you’ll get out of it

  • The knowledge that you are giving back and helping others.
  • Opportunities to gain leadership skills and experience in public speaking.
  • Receive training in working with teenagers.
  • Meet like-minded uni students and attend social events throughout the year.
  • Opportunities to network with Industry Leaders.
  • Your contribution will be recognised on your UWA volunteering transcript.

How to become a Student Ambassador

  • Have an interest in inspiring high school students to consider a career in engineering.
  • Be able to contribute to events and activities throughout their year (there is no minimum commitment required).
  • Fill out the application form.


We would like to acknowledge and thank Rio Tinto for their support.

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