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Support the Foundation

If you are already a member of the Foundaton, you are invited to consider raising the level of your membership. If you are not a member of the Foundation, you are invited to join.

The annual contribution for the four levels of membership are:

  • Governor: not less than $ 7,500
  • Member: not less than $ 1,500
  • Associate member: not less than $ 750
  • Contributor: not less than $ 75

The Engineering Foundation was established in 1982 to encourage collaborative research between industry and the University, and to support new initiatives in engineering education.

Funding comes from financial membership. The Engineering Foundation has provided more than half a million dollars for these objectives.

There is a need to extend the Foundation's financial base to meet its objectives which are vital to the health of the engineering community and to Western Australia.

The most significant of the Foundation's activities has been participation in the development of research and teaching centres. There are four centres:

The centres undertake cooperative research with industry and offer extra mural courses for local industrial needs. The presence of the centres contributes greatly to timely developments in undergraduate engineering courses.

The Foundation has adopted a common pattern of providing limited seeding funds to help launch each of the centres, with the expectation that they will become self-funding after the initial supporting period (usually three years) has expired. This has proved to be a very successful mode of operation.

At a lesser level of participation, the Foundation has also funded research seminars, some specific research projects and teaching equipment needs, and the production of a recruitment video to introduce school leavers to engineering as a career.

Benefits to Engineering Foundation Members

Receive invitations to participate in Faculty and University events:


  • First Year Course and Careers Advisory Day
  • Office Fridays
  • UWA Open Day
  • Final Year Project Dissertation Presentation Sessions
  • Research Seminars and Symposium


  • Signing Ceremonies
  • Vice-Chancellor Relations


  • Dean's gatherings
  • Faculty Awards Ceremony
  • Special celebration events such as Women in Engineering Celebrations and UWA Motorsport Vehicle launch

Public Profiling

  • Profiling the Engineering Foundation, its members, activities and achievements
  • Profile members and their logo on the Engineering Foundation webpage

Interaction opportunities between students and Engineering Foundation members

  • Offers of internship and professional practicum placements advertised through the Faculty
  • Become work-shadow partners and contribute to professional development and careers planning workshops for future engineers
  • Participate in the UWA Career Mentorlink program by becoming an industry mentor to engineering students
  • Participating in the Global Students - Working Internationally Project. This project focuses on assisting students to learn about cross cultural workplace issues and connect with international employers and will be aimed at:
  1. International students planning to return home for work
  2. International students wishing to gain employment in Australia
  3. Domestic students who are keen to work in overseas or global corporations.
  4. Advertise graduate opportunities on UWA Careers Hub
  5. Contribute towards the UWA Career Resources for students by being a guest workshop presenter or providing information towards UWA Careers Centre industry facts sheets


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